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Become one of the "319 Witnesses of the IEQ Project"

“319 Witnesses of the IEQ Project” is a group of 319 individuals who hold a critical role in the completion of the IEQ project. The number has symbolic importance: This is the number of the Badriyyūn—those Companions of the Prophet who witnessed the Battle of Badr in Ramadan 2/March 624, a battle that transformed the world forever on “the Day of Criterion” (yawm al-furqān, Q 8:41), the Day the Two Throngs Met (Q 8:41), a day that will forever be remembered as the day when Allah Most High granted succor and victory to the small group of believers then living on earth and accepted the supplication of His Prophet, upon him blessings and peace, when he said: “O Allah, if You do not grant victory to this small band of Muslims You will no longer be worshipped on earth” (Muslim, Jihād, al-imdād bil-malāʾika fī ghazwat Badr)”. The Prophet, upon him blessings and peace, has informed us that his Companions who fought the Battle of Badr (Badriyyūn) are dwellers of Paradise (Bukhārī, Maghāzī, faḍl man shahida Badran).

By the Mercy of Allah Most High, the Integrated Encycopedia of the Qurʾān is poised to change the discourse on the Qurʾān for generations to come. It is our humble supplication that all who become witnesses to the completion of this project may be counted by the Dispenser of blessings among those who were witnesses over the humankind (shuhadāʾ ʿalā l-nās cf. Q 2:143), as those who helped to spread the light of the Luminous Qurʾān to the far corners of the earth and who participated in the opening of new vistas for millions of human beings to access in English fourteen centuries of glorious scholarship on the Divine Book.

As one of the "319 Witnesses of the IEQ Project", you join those who have collectively assumed responsibility to ensure that the remaining four volumes of IEQ are completed by December 2028. Please submit the Membership form to join. As a member of this select group, you become the recipient of Witness benefits, listed on the Membership form.

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